"I have shot wild quail, grouse, ducks, geese, chicken, Woodcock and pheasants in America for 55 years, as well as driven Red Grouse in Scotland and England; band-tails, Blue Rocks, Collared and other varieties in Latin America, and believe Ozark Wings presents an honorable and fair chase shooting experience which I regularly enjoy and recommend."

Judge R. Jack Garrett, Ret.

"I was wanting to thank each of you at Ozark Wings for providing my friends and I an excellent hunt. We all four had the time of our lives and enjoyed the professional hospitality you all provided for us. I have been on several hunting trips but have never experienced one quite like yours before. The accommodations were like home, and Cory, Chuck, Steve and Janet put forth an excellent hunt for each of us. I especially want to thank Janet for being so patient and nice to me for having to cancel our hunt three different times due to bad weather. Thanks again to everyone and we all four plan on being back next season."

Wayne Canada